My thoughts exactly

Frankly, I think this is bull and it represents a growing frustration
of mine over corporate greed and their ability to hijack our laws for
the benefit their own interests through sludgehammer oppression of the
free expression and creativity of the Amerian people. Everyone just

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SunnComm Says Pointing to Shift Key ‘Possible Felony’
Posted by CowboyNeal on Thursday October 09, @05:56PM

from the same-shift-not-different-dmca dept.
The Importance of writes “A couple of weeks ago BMG released an audio CD with a new type of DRM.
Earlier this week, a computer science graduate student at Princeton
wrote a report showing the DRM was ineffective – it could easily be
defeated by use of the ‘shift’ key.
The stock of the DRM company (SunnComm) has since fallen by 20%. Now,
SunnComm plans to sue the student under the DMCA and claim that
SunnComm’s reputation has been falsely damaged. According to SunnComm’s
CEO, ‘No matter what their credentials or rationale, it is wrong to use
one’s knowledge and the cover of academia to facilitate piracy and
theft of digital property.'”

” this is retarded (Score:1)
by Anonymous Coward on Thursday October 09, @10:59PM (#7180029)

This is bullshit, just like the parents sueing a school for installing
a wireless network. The people in this country (USA) need to get a
*censored*ing life or a job or something. I swear to God, all anyone
knows how to do here is call their frickin lawyers. People need to stop
sueing everyone for every little thing, and stop trying to act like
their precious intellectual property is more important than the people
paying them to use it. Boycott is not the answer either, I normally am
not for government regulation but we need to make these things a real
issue for the American public otherwise they will keep electing idiots
that don’t tell the RIAA/MPAA to *censored* off. Most people over 40
have no clue what the DMCA is or what an MP3 is or even that the RIAA
and MPAA are pulling this bullshit. Every time I turn on CNN all I want
to do it walk up to someone new and say, no, you can’t *censored*ing
sue for that, and for being so damn dumb I’m going to punch you in the
head until you pass out. GRRR!”