Meet Bubba

We had originally planned to slow down after the wedding –
Didn’t happen!
Now that the wedding planning is not consuming our time, this
past Tuesday we decided to apply as foster parents at the Northern VA
Sheltie Rescue Association. We figured they would check our
references, enroll us in a class or two, have us stop my the shelter, and file
papers before allowing us to care for a pup. However, on tuesday
night Bubba was rescued from a local pound. He was scheduled to be put to
sleep yesterday. On Tuesday night, just four hours after the
application was submitted, we were contacted to take Bubba in. He
came to live with us today.

The left pic is how he looked when he was picked up from the nasty dog pound

The right image is how he looks now all cleaned up and minus a few clumps of hair

Bubba is 9 years old and extremely sweet. He is recovering from
a few pound caught illnesses, but is doing well. Currently, the plan
is for him to live with us until an adoptive family steps forward. (This
normally takes 2 plus months.) We look forward to the time we will
have with him.