Putting your own content into a website with Google Maps

So I’m doing a little research tonight on some requirements for a client:

1. Embed a map in the client’s home page (non-database driven ASP.Net which is essentially HTML) that depicts the county’s watersheds and some number of additional layers
2. Let users click each watershed polygon to trigger an event that leads to them learning more about the conditions within the polygon (think old school image maps). This could be as simple as take the user to a static HTML page about the watershed.

The client currently supports ArcIMS (v9.1) and Google Maps. There is no immediate plan to move to ArcGIS server, though we will learn more next week.

I think that embedding ESRI in their pages for such a simple need is overkill and the client has already won awards for their use of Google Maps. So I’m researching options to use the Google Maps API and Google Gadgets to meet their needs