Definition of redoubt from Merriam-Webster online
A redoubt is a fortress within a defended area and often represented a last hope or an inner strength. North Redoubt Design is named after such a structure, located within the earthen berms of Old Fort Niagara.

 Guarding the mouth of the Niagara River as it fills Lake Ontario with water flowing from Lake Erie , Fort Niagara was originally founded by the French as Fort La Salle in 1669. The North Redoubt was constructed in 1771 after the British took control of the Fort in 1759. With stone walls many feet thick, the structure housed a powder magazine and small living areas. The top floor supported cannons, which could be manned by the soldiers who would spend multiple days in the building warmed by fires and sleeping in racks. 

 Located in my hometown of (1)Youngstown, New York ; (2), (3) the Old Fort has a rich and interesting military history. The area was in official use until 1946 when it was turned into a state park . With nearly year-round activities I encourage you to visit my favorite town and fort. Here is a link to a small bibliography of online resources about the Fort.

For the adventurer in all men, how many places are left on this planet where your mind and spirit can go to risk yourself, let alone your life? For it is in these places where life is only truly found.

jcz Aug 2002

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